- Eudora to mbox converter
Conversion utility to convert Eudora mailboxes (already mostly mbox format) to real mbox formatted mailboxes, gone is all the html/x-flowed and other garbage.
Reads the TOC file and properly inserts both Status: and X-Status: headers so that mailers like mutt/pine/elm can properly tell what messages are read, new, replied, etc.
Usage: <mailbox_name>
convert mailbox_name.mbx and mailbox_name.toc to out/mailbox_name (a directory ./out must exist)
Christian Ruetgers suggests this script for simplifying mass conversions:
#! /bin/bash
# put your eudora mailboxes into dir ./in
# script will convert all mailboxes to mbox
# in ./out
# directorys ./in and ./out has to be exist

for i in in/*.toc; do
    ./ in/${base2} -o ./out/${base2}
    echo \'${base2}\'
- Friday 21 November 2003 11:52 CST -
OK, it's painfully obvious that I don't have time to maintain this anymore. If someone else wants to take it over, please let me know.
- Wednesday 13 December 2000 12:31 CST -
Sorry, I've been terribly lax with things here lately. I'll get some new stuff out, soon. Until then, I recommend using the latest development version, I haven't heard about any problems with it, and it has many more features than the original.
- Saturday 11 March 2000 23:08 CST -
Developer release 1.1b (build 1.27). Corrected a problem with the prefix code so that the prefix will be added even if there is not a specific output name specified. Fixed the code so that files with DOS line-endings are recognized and dealth with correctly.
- Thursday 04 November 1999 11:05 CST -
Developer Release 1.1a (build 1.23). Added --toc option to force toc file usage or not. Defaults to on, but can be turned off with --notoc. Reworking some internal data gathering and debug output, hopefully making things a bit faster.
NOTE: --notoc is for corrupted toc files. Macintosh users should use "Use old-style ".toc" files" in Misc. Settings.
- Wednesday 27 October 1999 14:11 CDT -
Release 1.1. Added GNU AutoConf Script. Refined Options. Added support for Macintosh Eudora users (although there are some oddities with endian-ness in the TOC file). Refined Argument Handling, and implemented GetOpt::Long. Added support for output file names and locations, as well as prefix. Tweaked verbosity so that there are levels 1-4. See the ChangeLog for more details.
- Tuesday 28 September 1999 19:47 CDT -
Release 1.0. Pretty rough as-of-yet. Does not check for existance of directory ./out, does not allow for bulk-coversions
eud2mbox-devel-1.35.tar.gz Tuesday 08 August 2000 17:42 CDT
eud2mbox-devel-1.34.tar.gz Tuesday 08 August 2000 17:36 CDT

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